Namaste! My name is Mahesh Dhimal, a student from Nepal, who loves travelling more than anything else. I was born in a small village of Sindhupalchok district in 1996 as the fourth child of my parents. At the age of 4, I moved to Kathmandu with my dad. From early childhood, I always love going to the new places. Though I am not a full time traveler, I travel whenever the situation supports me. Along with traveling, I am also in love with photography and graphic designing. I would like to call myself a inquisitive and impulsive person who always seeks for different kind of experiences.

Why am I writing this blog?
This is my dream blog where I am going to share travel stories and ideas which belongs to my experiences. This blog has given me a platform where I can openly write about places and things that I have experienced while traveling and also those things which I get in my day to day life. The experiences shared in this blog will surely inspire people and hopefully I get feedback from them.

Traveling is a best way of learning about the places, local community and various lifestyles. Back in 2014, I had my first 5 days long solo trek where I faced a lot of difficulties in-between the journey. Those entire days, I realized that if I could have some ideas about that particular place, I wouldn’t have suffered from all those problems. After that trek, I decided to write my experiences in this blog to make other people alert and aware.

How was I inspired to travel?
I love traveling since my early childhood. I always searched a way to travel. Going to a new place always makes my heart full of pleasure. At the age of nine, I met some mutual mountaineers who just climbed Mount Everest. Their thrilling experience made me keen of similar lifestyles. I had many queries regarding their experiences whenever I used to see them. By then, I also started going places nearby with my school friends. Due to my immature age, I was restricted to travel but I never quit roaming around.

What can you find in this blog?
This blog contains various travel experiences, pictures and daily experiences. I will also share how to make the best of what we have, how can we survive in different kind of situations and the ideas I got from the place where I traveled. I hope the experience shared in this blog will help you experience different places of like a local.