Dahachok has to be one of the best hiking destination inside Kathmandu for wonderful hiking vibes with an adventurous spirit. There are some important places to see.Dahachok Village is located between the Nagarjun and Chandragiri hills. It has a nice greenery landscape at the north and dense forest on the other sides. The hiking route I went through, has many mind catching heritages such as Indradaha, Kalu Pandey gravery, Switzerland Park, Bindabasinui Temple and Balambu Gumba. They are such a dramatic spots that made me realize, it is one of the finest hiking trails inside Kathmandu.Have you heard about Dahachok hiking before? Why do I think Dahachok is the best place to go for a hike?

My two friends and I spent a full day hiking Dahachok discovering fantastic hiking route with its beauty as well as important historical sites of Nepal.

On 10th May 2017, my two friends Ashim and Prakash got together at Old Buspark in the morning and took a public bus to Dahachok Village. After approximately 45 minutes, the bus drove us to the village. The hike was started from Dahachok bus park and ended by Purano Naikap.

The best way to expose the route is by exploring on foot. The route is easily walkable for everyone with a charm of its own.

Here are some important information and places to visit inside the hiking trail that will probably take you there to see it.


Along with the natural beauty, Dahachok also carries many historical importance. After one hour of staircase uphill walk up to the ridge with the greenery, there is a pond which is known as Indradaha. According to the locals, Indra; the king of heaven uses to come down to the earth and take bath at the pond in Satya Yug. Based upon this belief, the pond is named as Indra-Daha and the village itself known as Dahachok. On next day of Indra Jatra (on full moon day of the month Bhadra), a festival is celebrated here and it is believed that bathing at the pond makes you clean from sins and opens the door to heaven.


Besides the religious importance, this place has many hidden importance which is yet to be discovered. Among them, the history of unification of Nepal is on the top.

During the unification period, only Kathmandu valley was known as Nepal and It was very difficult to unite Nepal because of its geographical location. King Prithivi Narayan Shah had planned to attack Kathmandu from Dahachok as not only Kathmandu but also Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, Dhading, Nuwakot and Rasuwa can be observed from here.This place contains historically important things being a standing evidence of Unification of Nepal and many other mysteries. We can still see the vestige of the fort which looks like a collection of stones now and also Manakamana Temple and Kotghar (place to store weapons) built on 17th Century by King Prithivi Narayan Shah.


Among the historical sites, the cemetery of Kaji Kalu Pandey one of the most important places to see in Dahachok. The well-managed place and attractive stone paved grave look like a beautiful garden that carries a scary history.

Kaji Bansidhar Pandey mostly known as Kalu Pandey was Commander of Chief of Gorkhali Armies and Prime Minister of Gorkha until his death. He was sent to attack Kirtipur for the first time by King Prithivi Narayan Shah. He was killed during the attack against Kirtipur in 19th Jestha, 1814 BS at the age of 44. According to his wish, his head was cremated here.Though the modern people do not care about history, Kaji Bansidhar Pandey and his brave armies have a great contribution towards our Nation.


After knowing some interesting history of the time of Unification of Nepal, I had a walk for about 20 minutes and reached to a beautiful grassland called Switzerland Park. Located in Ramkot, The Switzerland park is a peaceful ground surrounded by the dense forest.This park would be a good place for picnic, gathering and video/photo shooting. I recommend visiting the park and the area around it to spend some good time with your family and friends.


Dahachok hike will never bother you moving forward but gives you another refreshment to walk in short period of time as there are many beautiful places to see.After climbing a staircase path for few minutes from Switzerland Park, there is a temple of Bindabasini ( Hindu Goddess). The well decorated beautiful temple is situated on the top of the hill which consists of a big statue of Bindabasini and many other small statues of other gods like Hunumaan, Surya, Saraswati etc. From the temple, we can observe some villages with the pleasing air of the forest.


The first impression is the last impression, likewise, the last impression makes the entire journey unforgettable. Same thing happened to this hike as I went to Drigung Kagyud Rinchen Palri Monastery simply known as Balambu Gumba.While the hike was about to end, the path was leading us down to the Purano Naikaap passing through a beautiful forest made of pine trees, there is one of the most beautiful monasteries inside Kathmandu Valley. The speechless architecture, fantastic eco-friendly decoration, and the amazing surrounding would definitely give you an unforgettable vibe. Though the security gives visitor 10 minutes of time to see the monastery, it would not be sufficient enough to explore its beauty.Later on, I got surprised by the amazing scenery of Kathmandu Valley just after walking couple of minutes from the Balambu Monastery, which added some more fun to the entire journey. I can bet, it is the finest view of Kathmandu you will be able to see from anywhere.After the hike, I can say that Dahachok will give everyone an unforgettable memory. The interesting history, beautiful scenery of Mountain Ranges and natural beauty of this area touches everyone’s heart.

Though I may not have reached in all places of Kathmandu, I have to say it has become one of my favorite hiking route in Kathmandu Valley and an excellent place for refreshing my mind. Who knows, it would be your favorite too.

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