Going to new places is part of my education. No one can believe a mysterious fact of a place unless they go there and see it. I should not tell you more about traveling, you know better because you would not be here reading this article if you are not a real adventurer. Visiting different cities is a fun thing to do in any season but exploring the nature can be a bit challenging.

Generally, people go for travel during the cool and dry season between November and early April because of its tropical climate with blue sky and fantastic sunshine. But a traveler like me cannot stop exploring the nature, no matter what.Yes! I am talking about the Monsoon, the weather of rainfall, thunderstorms, slippery-muddy paths, and especially the creepy leeches. It sounds terrible to travel in such weather, but it is not that bad. Taking a trip in those days has its own importance. Rather than the muddy trail and rainfall, I am writing about the leeches to whom I call “The Monsoon Monsters”.Imagine, you have got 10-12 leeches biting into your legs but you still have to walk without removing it. It might sound horrible for you but I have suffered through this situation several times. A few months ago, I went to hiking in a place called Champadevi, where I experienced the worse leech bite for the first time. After that day, I started looking to get rid out of it. It was okay if the leech bite us and finished but no it can take months to get everything normal again. Swelling, itching and bad scars are the effects of this bloodsuckers.


There are various methods used while traveling to prevent from leeches like spraying DEET spray and wearing leech socks but it may not be favorable for all. So, I have discovered some typical Nepali methods to stop them during a hike or trek. Though it is hard to completely stop the leeches, here are some ideas to minimize the leech bite.


Sancho is a unique blend of pure natural Himalayan essential oil. It is a famous and effective herbal product of Nepal. Though the product does not mention it to use against leeches, it works well to avoid them. You can take it with you all the time as this product mention it works for cold, cough, rheumatism, stuffy nose, fatigue, body ache, headache, neuralgia, sprain, and itching.While using this oil against leeches, I simply apply it to the lower part of my legs and wear socks then shoes. In some place, leech jumps from the tree on your head or body so you have to apply it on your neck as well. The pleasant scent of the oil is so powerful that the leeches and other harmful insects will not dare to touch you. I always keep it with me while traveling as it helps me in the 0different situation.


Timmur is considered as a pepper, derivative of Sichuan pepper of China which is actually not from the pepper family. It is the dried berry of a tree belonging to the prickly ash which is used as a spice in many countries of South Asia. It is grown in high altitude Himalayan region of Nepal in large quantity. Generally, people grind it and use it as a flavor in various foods like tea, chutney, and pickle.Timmur can be used against leeches while you are in trek or mountaineering. As I have already mentioned above, it is found in high altitude region. You can use it in an unexpected leech attack when you don’t have other options like leech socks. Follow the following process to get rid out of leeches;

  • Take some leaves or berry from the tree of timmur.
  • Rub them with your hands until you get some liquid out of it.
  • Apply the liquid to your legs and also in the back neck if you are traveling in a jungle.

The liquid produced from the leaves has a likable, powerful smell which makes you safe against leeches. People from Nepal use timmur as anti-high altitude sickness medicine too. They believe that putting the dried timmur in the mouth minimize the chances of getting high altitude sickness while going to high altitude zone.


Salt and Tobacco is the most effective and famous stuff used against leeches all over the world. These substances are generally used to remove the biting leech from your body because it is hard to take them off using your fingers. This action not only removes the leech but also kill them. So, it is a good idea to bring some salt or tobacco with you when you are going on a journey.Tobacco can be used as another method to prevent you from the leeches. You have to work a bit before you are entering the leech zone;

  • Get some tobacco powder.
  • Put it in a water container and let it soak for a while.
  • Let your socks to get soaked in the tobacco water.
  • Leave your socks to get dry.
  • Wear the socks when you are going out.

Using this method effective against leech bite. If you used this method, the leeches may crawl up to your shoes but it will stop before the socks by getting poisoned by tobacco.

So, these are some ideas that I am using to avoid leech bite while traveling in monsoon. I hope it will definitely help you. Let me know which method did you found most effective in the comment box.

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