As we go for hike every Saturday, Team Wondervibes and three more members met at Koteshwor at 8:00 AM in the morning on 29 May 2017. After that, we took a bus and rode to Suryabinayak as we had planned to start our hike from there and end by Lamatar, Lalitpur. After reaching Suryabinayak, We cross the Arniko highway and headed towards Pilot Baba Ashram.

We bought some foods and mineral water at Suryabinayak. The way to The Pilot Baba Ashram from Suryabinayek is about 3.5 KM with very beautiful blacktopped road inside the dense forest. After walking about 45 minutes we reached at the point where the way to Ranikot and Pilot Baba Ahram got separated. Then after walking about 500 m right from the road, we reached Pilot Baba Ashram. After reaching there we went to backside of the ashram where was a beautiful green ground and had some foods enjoying the panoramic view of Kathmandu Valley.

After resting for a while we headed towards Ranikot. Then about after 30 minutes of walking we reached at Ghyampe Dada where the blacktopped road ended continued with small gravel road. After 45 minutes we reached at Ranikot which is 3.2 KM away from Pilot Baba. Ranikot is a small village, where few houses and resorts were under construction. After that, we turned right and headed towards Lakuri Bhanjyang on the way there was a temple of Bagh Bhairav on the slope at upper side of the road. After walking around 45 minutes, we reached at the small saddle, surrounded by forest with a muddy football ground. We took some rest and shared out remaining foods and had some fun my taking photos. We also found small bushes of Mulberry on the way then we headed towards Lakuri Bhanjyang. After 10 minutes of walk we reached at our final destination. Lakuri bhanjyang is a small and beautiful village surrounded by dense forest with several houses. There was a flat grass surface where was not much people but it might be good place for picnic. From the ground we were seeing the view of Kathmandu Valley and Mountain Range. 

After taking some rest and taking some photos we headed towards Lamatar, from where we were able to take bus to Kathmandu. The way to Lamatar was vehicle road which was 5.5 KM but after walking some distance we left the road and took shortcuts through forest which was bit slippery but it saved our time and made more adventurous. The shortcut intersect the main road many times but we didn’t took the main road until we reached Lamatar. 

From Lamatar, we took a bus to Gwarko where we had delicious MOMO and cold drinks. After that we separate from there and went to our homes. 

Details of Hiking 
8:00 AM – Gather at Koteshwor 
8:30 AM – Took a bus to Suryabinayak 
8:45 AM – Hiking starts from Suryabinayak 
10:00 AM – Reached at Pilot Baba Ashram 
11:30 AM – Headed towards Ranikot 
12:00 PM – Reached at Ranikot

12:30 PM – Reached near Lakuri Bhanjyang and have some rest.
1:00 PM – Reached at Lakuri Bhanjyang 
1:30 PM – Headed towards Lamatar 
2:30 PM – Reached to Lamatar 
3:00 PM – Reached to Gwarko from local bus and had some snacks and returned home. 

Suryabinayak to Pilot Baba Ashram = 3.5 KM 
Pilot Baba to Ranikot = 3.2 KM 
Ranikot to Lakuri Bhanjyng = 2.5 KM 
Lakuri Bhanjyng to Lamatar = 5.3 KM 
Lamatar to Gwarko (by Bus) = 8.1 KM 

Things you need in the hike 
Comfortable shoes and clothes 
Dry foods and water (There are small shops on the route) 
Tentative Cost

Around 500 rupees per person.

Note: Please do not throw bottles and plastic bags on the way while traveling. Keep Clean, Think Green.

Photo Gallery


TITLE: 2017, 29 May- Wondervibes hike to Lakuri Bhanjyang
ROUTE: Suryabinayek- Pilot Baba- Ghyampe Dada- Ranikot-
Lakuri Bhanjyang– Lamatar
DATE: May 29, 2017, Saturday 
HIKING TIME: 6-7 hours  
COORDINATOR: Prakash Malla
PARTICIPANTS: Ashim Ojha, Mahesh Dhimal, Prakash Malla, Pratik Adhikari, Sagar KC, Shreeram Ojha
PHOTOS: Ashim Ojha and Mahesh Dhimal 
REPORTED BY: Prakash Malla

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