‘NEPAL’, the name of a country everybody in the world remember for its Natural beauty, culture, rituals, and biodiversity. It is the best option for those who want to explore the nature as it is very rich in natural resources within the length of 800 KM and breadth of 192 KM. Nepal covers 0.03% of the land surface in world map . It consists of the lowlands starting from east to highest mountains up to the north. The elevation increases from 52 m to 8,848 m which is a good subject to explore. ‘Nepal is a paradise’ even many tourists said after traveling Nepal.Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal is rich in cultural heritage, civilization and beautiful surrounding hills which decorates the valley beautifully . There are many high hills around Kathmandu Valley, which contain numerous Temples, Gumbas and Monuments. Kathmandu Valley owns many heritage built in a different period of Nepal’s history. There are many beautiful sites around the valley like, Nagarkot, Phulchoki, Chandragiri, Chisapani, Kakani etc. Visiting these beautiful places, people get relieved from their busy life of the city. These places are. good for exploring, hiking, cycling, sightseeing, and friends gathering. The vibes that flow in those hills do not have any comparable existence.As an inhabitant of the Kathmandu Valley, I have my busy life due to study. And just like me, all the resident have same busy and rushy life due to their own way of living. To get refreshed from everyday’s busy life, me and Wondervibes team planned to explore the surrounding of The Kathmandu Valley. As we already get the sense of avoidance from devils tasks from Champadevi hiking our next hiking took place on Jamacho Gumba which is situated at top of the Nagarjuna hills.Nagarjuna Hills is a part of Shivapuri National Park and it is very close and is the surrounding hill of Kathmandu Valley. Jamacho Gumba lies above 2000m from sea level and has 2079m of altitude located in the northwestern part of Kathmandu Valley.On May 6, 2017, I went to Machhapokhari and met my friends, Prakash and Ashim at 10 in the morning then we purchased some dry foods, fruits and some bottles of water. We walked for 15 minutes along the Pasang Lahmu highway to Phulbari gate. As we needed tickets to enter the Shivapuri conservation area, we bought three tickets for Rs. 56 each. The armies took my driving license as we had to return from the same way. We were welcomed by the mellifluous voice of birds and insects as we entered Nagarjuna forest then we headed uphill towards the Jamacho temple. Most of the hiking route is beautifully paved with the flat stone. We kept walking on the well structured endless staircase enjoying the dense forest surrounded by. After walking about 1 KM, there was an army checkpoint. we had rest for a while chatting with the armies there. The staircase path was filled with leaf-litter and it was a excitement to walk because of its cracking sound while taking steps. After walking for about half an hour we reached a beautiful and flat grassland. There were many antique looking scattered stones where we took rest for some time and ate some of our foods taken with us enjoying the fantastic view of Kathmandu. An elderly aged looking french couple were returning from Jamacho Gumba and we had some chat with them which is one of the memorable thing of this hike. After waving goodbye to them we again started our hike towards the destination which was already visible from the grassy flat ground. After 35-40 minutes of staircase walk, we reached our destinationย ย ย  In Jamacho Gumba, there was an attractive Stupa and couple of houses which were looking colorful. The whole environment was adorable because of the decoding Buddhist prayers flag all over the area. Jamacho is not just a temple or worshiping location but I found it a fantastic place to observe the majestic view of Kathmandu valley from the view tower. It is a nice place for refreshment, hiking, and having some wonderful time with your friends. After visiting the whole area we returned down to Fulbari gate and went to our homes. As always we made the whole hike full of fun and we will remember the day as one of the incredible moment of our lives.

Jamacho gumba is one of the best hiking routes of Kathmandu valley with an adventurous spirit. So, when will you be visiting there?


  • Hike to Jamacho starts from Machhapokhari, Gongabu. So, first take bus or taxi to go Gongabu.
  • Buy some foods and enough water to complete the hike as there are not any water resources on the whole route.
  • Then walk for about 10-15 minutes along Pasang Lahmu highway to Phulbari Gate.
  • Buy tickets from entry post at Phulbari gate.
  • Then hike to Jamacho for 2.5-3 hours.


  • Magnificent view of Kathmandu Valley.
  • Peaceful environment.
  • Majestic view of Mountain Range (Gaurisankar, Langtang, Ganesh Himal)
  • Refreshment from Hustle and bustle life of the city.
  • View of Flora and fauna in their natural habitat.
  • Chances to see Clouded Leopard, Chinese Pangolin, Leopard Cat and Assamese Monkey.


  • Tickets to enter in Shivapuri National Park will cost Rs. 56 per Nepalese Civilians. (No discount for students.)
  • An additional cost is needed if you wish to take foods and drinks.


  • Comfortable clothes and shoes for hiking.
  • DSLR camera for photography lovers.
  • Bag to carry foods and water.
  • Raincoat or Umbrella if you are traveling in monsoon.
  • Salt or Sancho (Multipurpose herbal product) to get rid of leeches.
  • Identity Card (Government) is compulsory to enter the National Park.


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