Do you know ? There are some stairs made of bricks exported from Heaven.

Yes, I’m talking about the place I have been for our Hike in the hill of Kathmandu District. It was an amazing and natural hike with my college friends along Tinpiple – Tarkeshwar – Army camp – Gurje Bhanjyang – Jhor.

Traveling teaches me about the world, life and myself than any education ever could. We learned how easy it is to handle many situations while you are with your friends. We were never together during the walk but there was some special locations where we gather again to capture the magical moment of that place. This means we learned how to celebrate a beautiful place with your special ones. Some of ‘what we see and what we feel’ during this hike are in this blog.Our hike started from Machhapokhari, Kathmandu. We had a walk for a while up to ‘Tinpiple’ as the plan. The group of ten friends made a decision and continued our journey. The plan was to walk along the forests of Shivapuri National Park and end it by Jhor. Firstly moving to Tinpiple was not that good. All because of dusty road and strong sunlight. We were eager to reach the forest area and make some affairs with peaceful natural environment. We did not got chance to stop anywhere except some refreshing places before reaching the forest. After walking about 500 m uphill from Tinpiple, we were blessed by a very beautiful temple called Tarkeshwor Temple and fine view of Kathmandu valley.The view of the valley and delighting temples enchanted us to move forward and see more. While moving uphill we saw, the clouds were covering the green hills which was extremely beautiful. I was wishing to fly there and feel the moment. We headed forward with some adventures, enjoyment and funny talks. We were heading forward using the path covered by the dense pine trees. I had a wonderful feeling to walk at the red forest made of pine needles and the stem fallen on the ground. A travel inside the pine forest is always great. That relish inside the light coniferous forest in which pine is the predominant tree.After walking for couple of hours we reached to a Army Camp from where Kakani was beautifully seen. After resting for a while moved towards Gurje Bhanjyang. It was a bit different task as it started raining and struggle with leach was hilariously astounding as we walked from the army camp. There is a saying by Albert Einstein, ‘Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better’. We were getting deep inside the nature : the green forest, raining, walking on a wet and slippery soil, fighting with leach, listening to river flow, hearing the chattering of leaves.We missed Surya Chaur as we had no time.

After nearly half an hour moving downward from the Gurje Bhanjyang, we came down to the final checkpoint ‘Jhor’. It is a historical and religious place where the powerful god of Hinduism, Lord Shiva is celebrated as ‘Baruneshwar Mahadev’. Many devotees come and worship here. A cave inside which there are three statues which are worshiped for their own purpose. Jhor is known for the beautiful waterfall during rainy season. But we were there in the off season. Though we enjoyed the nature and the greenery that surrounds Jhor. Here, we observed the beauty of Jhor and got ready for the farewell of this hike.There is a river, which we can not cross and that is nature. We can never finish explore, enjoy, and feel the nature. Hope the following river never stops and the greenery never fades. Nepal has enormous natural beauties and we can explore easily. I am never going to stop. I will always looking forward to explore the best I can. This is my journey of exploring the naturally prosperous Nepal.


  • Comfortable clothes for hiking.
  • Comfortable sport shoe or trekking shoe.
  • DSLR with wide lens will be best if you love photography but good smartphone can be kept as an option if you are not interested in photography.
  • Small bag to carry dry food.
  • Water bottle with water as there is no source of water in the route.
  •  Umbrella/Rain coat if you are traveling in monsoon season.
  • Small amount of salt or a bottle of Sancho to get rid of leeches.

Note: Please do not throw bottles and plastic bags on the way while traveling. Keep Clean, Think Green.


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